Large Igneous Province Of The Month

2017 Large Igneous Province of the month

April 2017: The Eastern rift branch of East Africa: an LIP-style continental rift exhibiting massive magma and volatile production, James D. Muirhead, Cynthia J. Ebinger, Simon A. Kattenhorn, Hyunwoo Lee, Tobias P. Fischer, Steven Roecker, Sara Jaye Oliva

March 2017: The Ongeluk LIP: a newly defined large igneous province on the critical Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic boundary on the Kaapvaal Craton, southern Africa, Ashley Gumsley

February 2017: Basalts and picrites from a plume-type ophiolite in the South Qilian Accretionary Belt, Qilian Orogen: Accretion of a Cambrian Oceanic Plateau?, Yuqi Zhang, Shuguang Song, Liming Yang, Li Su, Yaoling Niu, Mark B. Allen, Xin Xu

January 2017: 3.30 Ga High-Silica Intraplate Volcanic-Plutonic System of the Gavião Block, São Francisco Craton, Brazil: possible Silicic Large Igneous Province, Stefano A. Zincone, Elson P. Oliveira, Oscar Laurent, Hong Zhang, Mingguo Zhai