Large Igneous Province Of The Month

2018 Large Igneous Province of the month

March 2018: How Large Igneous Provinces affect global climate, sometimes cause mass extinctions, and represent natural markers in the geological record, Richard E. Ernst, Nasrrddine Youbi

February 2018: The deep crustal structure of the c. 1080 Ma Warakurna LIP, and insights on Proterozoic LIP processes and mineralisation, Abdulrhman H. Alghamdi, Alan R. A. Aitken, Michael C. Dentith

January 2018: 300-270 Ma magmatism of Eastern Kazakhstan related to the Tarim LIP, Sergei Khromykh, Pavel Kotler, Alexander Vladimirov, Andrei Izokh, Nikolai Kruk

December 2017: The Ferrar LIP: Field and geochemical constraints on the high-level magma emplacement., David H. Elliot, Thomas H. Fleming