Uplift associated with the Emeishan LIP download PDF file

Linkage of Indian Ocean Tephra to individual silicic eruptions from the Afar LIP download PDF file

Database of LIPs through time
A preliminary version of a digital database of large mafic magmatic provinces through time. An enhanced version of this database is being prepared for release as an Open File.

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Apart from a few minor corrections, it represents Table 1 in R.E. Ernst and K.L. Buchan (2001), "Large mafic magmatic events through time and links to mantle plume-heads" (chapter 19 in "Mantle Plumes: Their Identification Through Time", Geological Society of America Special Paper 352, edited by R.E. Ernst and K.L. Buchan).

Additions and corrections to the database are welcomed and can be sent to Dr. Richard Ernst (