October 2016 LIP of the Month

Large Igneous Provinces: Global Listing in Spreadsheet Format (version: 30 October 2016)

Richard E. Ernst

Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada; &

Faculty of Geology and Geography, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia


Download: Global LIP Table 2.1 REV FINAL.XLSX

The attached spreadsheet (Excel format) is a global listing of Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). The file has been extracted and partially updated (in red font) from Table 1.2 in Ernst (2014). It includes LIPs and interpreted LIP “fragments” (Ernst, 2007) and also Silicic LIPs (SLIPS). This has been produced in response to numerous requests for a spreadsheet version. Danni Mathieson is acknowledged for her help in converting Table 1.2 in Ernst (2014) to spreadsheet format.

This spreadsheet version complements the April 2015 LIP of the Month [http://www.largeigneousprovinces.org/15apr] “Large Igneous Provinces: Updated Compilation” which provided a PDF of Figure 1.6 (Global maps showing the distributions of LIPs and SLIPs) and Table 1.2 (Tabulation of LIPs and SLIPs record), both from Ernst (2014). 

Looking forward, you can expect periodic updates of this spreadsheet.  Also plans for an ArcGIS version are proceeding [January 2015 LIP of the Month, http://www.largeigneousprovinces.org/15jan].


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