International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior

International Dyke Conference 2005

U. of Leicester site. Note "Formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)" and "Relationship between plumes and continental rifting"

Continental flood basalts and layered intrusions 'chapter' from an electronic textbook on "Geochemistry of Igneous Rocks" by B.M. Gunn (

Plumes and plumes alternatives

Plume and LIP debate page of Geol. Soc. London

Large Igneous Provinces, University of Notre Dame

Lecture on Mantle Plumes and Intraplate Volcanism

Climatic effect of LIPs

Great Eruptions in Earth History: climatic effects

GEOROC databases: includes Large Igneous Provinces

CAMP event (Central Atlantic Magmatic Province)

Cenozoic magmatism of northern Madagascar

Brown University Planetary Geosciences Home Page

Global Precambrian Sedimentation Syndicate

Volcanic and magmatic studies group (a joint specialist group of the Geological Society of London and the Mineralogical Society)

Vic Camp's How volcanoes work page