2008 Large Igneous Province of the month

December 2008: The Accreted Late Triassic Wrangellia Oceanic Plateau in Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia, Andrew R. Greene, James S. Scoates, Dominique Weis

November 2008: Geology of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, Cathy Busby

October 2008: The Kunene anorthosite Complex, its satellite intrusions, and possible links to early Kibaran intrusions in Tanzania and Burundi, W.D. Maier

September 2008: The 1.27 Ga Mackenzie Large Igneous Province and Muskox layered intrusion, James M.D. Day

August 2008: The North Atlantic volcanic province (NAVP) and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), Henrik Svensen and Sverre Planke

July 2008: Early Cretaceous Comei Large Igneous Province: remnant identified in southeastern Tibet, Di-Cheng Zhu, Sun-Lin Chung, Xuan-Xue Mo, Zhi-Dan Zhao, Yao-Ling Niu, Biao Song

June 2008: Speculations on the Proterozoic Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record of India, Richard E. Ernst and Rajesh K. Srivastava

May 2008: Early Paleozoic Large Igneous Province of the Central Asia Mobile Belt, A.E. Izokh, G.V. Polyakov, R.A. Shelepaev, V.V. Vrublevskii, V.V. Egorova, Rudnev S.N., A.V. Lavrenchuk, E.V. Borodina, ΠΆ. Oyunchimeg

April 2008: Petrology, geochemistry and paleomagnetism of earliest magmatic rocks of Deccan Volcanic Province, Kutch, North Western India, Dalim K Paul, Arijit Ray, Brindaban Das, Shiva K Patil and Sanjib K Biswas

March 2008: Tracking the evolution of magmatic plumbing systems from temporal variations in crustal assimilation in the East Greenland flood basalt province. David W. Peate, Abigail K. Barker, Morten S. Riishuus, Rasmus Andreasen

February 2008: Reconnaissance Ar-Ar dating of Proterozoic dolerite dykes and sills in Siberia and the southern Urals: Identification of possible new Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs), R.E. Ernst, J. A. Hanes, V.N. Puchkov, A.V. Okrugin, D.A. Archibald

January 2008: The Chipman Dyke Swarm, Saskatchewan, Canada: Component of the 1.9 Ga Snowbird Large Igneous Province in the western Canadian Shield, Michael L. Williams and Rebecca M. Flowers