2005 Large Igneous Province of the month

December 2005: Mafic volcaniclastic deposits in the Ferrar LIP, Antarctica. Pierre-Simon Ross and James D.L. White

November 2005: Nature of the mantle source of the Tianshan Carboniferous rift-relatedbasalts. Lin-Qi Xia, Zu-Chun Xia,Xue-Yi Xu, Xiang-Min Li, Zhong-Pin Ma, Li-She Wang 

October 2005: The Late Early Cambrian Kalkarindji Continental Flood Basalt Province: A Link To Mass Extinction. Lena Z. Evins

September 2005: The Early Paleoproterozoic (2.5-2.36 Ga) Baltic Large Igneous Province (BLIP): An Example of Siliceous High-Magnesian (Boninite-Like) Magmatism in a Within-Plate Setting. Evgenii V. Sharkov

August 2005: The Early Cretaceous Whitsunday Silicic Large Igneous Province of eastern Australia. Scott Bryan

July 2005: The Marnda Moorn LIP, a late Mesoproterozoic large igneous province in the Yilgarn craton, Western Australia. Michael TD Wingate, Robert T Pidgeon

June 2005: The Xiong’er Group: A 1.76 Ga Large Igneous Province in East-Central China? Franco Pirajno, Yanjing Chen

May 2005: The Bushveld Large Igneous Province. Judith A. Kinnaird.

April 2005: The Ontong Java Plateau. J. Godfrey Fitton, John J. Mahoney, Paul J. Wallace, and Andrew D. Saunders

March 2005: The Volynian Flood Basalt Province and coeval (Ediacaran) magmatism in Baltoscandia and Laurentia. Per-Gunnar Andreasson, Kenneth L. Buchan, Leonid V. Shumlyanskyy, andRichard E. Ernst

February 2005: Late Paleoproterozoic Large Igneous Provinces from central and southeastern Brazil. Alexandre de Oliveira Chaves, Jose Marques Correia Neves

January 2005: The Ethiopian Large Igneous Province. Nicholas Arndt, Martin A. Menzies