2010 Large Igneous Province of the month

December 2010: The Dubawnt Supergroup, Canada: a LIP with a LISP, Tony Peterson, Sally Pehrsson, Charlie Jefferson, Jeff Scott, Robert Rainbird

November 2010: Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) of Canada back to 2.5 Ga and Links with Supercontinent Breakup, Richard Ernst and Wouter Bleeker

October 2010: Australian LIPs and the Australian Precambrian ‘barcode’, Jon Claoué-Long and Dean Hoatson

September 2010: Large Igneous Provinces: Sites Of The Largest Volcanic Eruptions In Earth’s History, Scott Bryan, Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Stephen Self, David Peate, Dougal Jerram, Mike Mawby, Goonie Marsh, Jodie Miller

August 2010: The Willouran-Guibei Large Igneous Province (LIP): Dismembered During the Breakup of the Supercontinent Rodinia?, Xuan-Ce Wang, Zheng-Xiang Li, Xian-Hua Li

July 2010: The Avanavero Large Igneous Province: A Paleoproterozoic LIP In The Guiana Shield, Amazonian Craton, Nelson Joaquim Reis, Wilson Teixeira, Manoel Souza D’Agrella-Filho, Franklin Bispo-Santos

June 2010: The Importance of Mercury in Understanding Plutonism and Volcanism in Early Planetary History: Early Planetary Large Igneous Provinces?, James W. Head

May 2010: The 2.7 Ga Kambalda Sequence LIP, Western Australia: Mantle Source, Crustal Contamination, Crustal Recycling, Mantle Lithosphere, and Geodynamic Setting, Nuru Said, Robert Kerrich

April 2010: Short duration for the eruption of the Grande Ronde Basalt lavas of the Columbia River Basalts, USA, T.L. Barry, S. Self, S.P. Kelley, S. Reidel, P. Hooper, M. Widdowson

March 2010: Mafic dykes of Deccan age in the Chhattisgarh (Mesoproterozoic) Basin, Central India: implications for the origin and original spatial extent of the Deccan Large Igneous Province, N. V. Chalapathi Rao, B. Lehmann, R. Burgess, S. K. Pande and K. R. Hari

February 2010: Regional dyke swarms of the Reguibat Shield, Mauritania and Morocco: plumbing systems for Precambrian Large Igneous Provinces, Henry C. Halls

January 2010: How do your flood basalts grow? Understanding the facies architecture and rock properties of flood basalts, Dougal A. Jerram, Catherine E. Nelson, and Richard W. Hobbs