2009 Large Igneous Province of the month

May 2018: Igneous rocks in the Great Basin, Battle Mountain area, north-central Nevada: Not Your Usual LIP, Brian L. Cousens, Christopher Henry, Christopher Stevens, Susan Varve, Stacey Wetmore, David John

April 2018: The Franklin Sills and Natkusiak Basalts of Victoria Island, Arctic Canada, Charles D. Beard, Ben Hayes, Nicole Williamson, Jean Bédard, Dominque Weis,James S. Scoates, Peter Nabelek

March 2018: How Large Igneous Provinces affect global climate, sometimes cause mass extinctions, and represent natural markers in the geological record, Richard E. Ernst, Nasrrddine Youbi

February 2018: The deep crustal structure of the c. 1080 Ma Warakurna LIP, and insights on Proterozoic LIP processes and mineralisation, Abdulrhman H. Alghamdi, Alan R. A. Aitken, Michael C. Dentith

January 2018: 300-270 Ma magmatism of Eastern Kazakhstan related to the Tarim LIP, Sergei Khromykh, Pavel Kotler, Alexander Vladimirov, Andrei Izokh, Nikolai Kruk

December 2017: The Ferrar LIP: Field and geochemical constraints on the high-level magma emplacement., David H. Elliot, Thomas H. Fleming

November 2017: Impact of a LIP with a subduction zone: the Hikurangi Plateau story., Martin Reyners, Donna Eberhart-Phillips, Stephen Bannister, Phaedra Upton and David Gubbins

October 2017: New dredging data shed light on the complex origins of the Naturaliste Plateau, part of the Kerguelen LIP, southern Indian Ocean, N G Direen

September 2017: The Early Permian Panjal Traps, Gregory Shellnutt

August 2017: The High Arctic LIP in Canada: Stratigraphic controls and geochemical monitoring on crustal influences, Cole G. Kingsbury, Richard E. Ernst, Brian Cousens

July 2017: Mafic magmatism in the Siletz terrane, NW North America: Fragments of the youngest oceanic plateau?, Bethan A. Phillips, Andrew C. Kerr, Emily K. Mullen, Dominique Weis

June 2017: Mars on Earth – a perspective from weathering of the Deccan Trap basalts in India, Souvik Mitra, Saibal Gupta, Kaushik Mitra, Satadru Bhattacharya, Prakash Chauhan & G. Parthasarathy

May 2017: Do the Mesoproterozoic “Granite-Rhyolite” Provinces of the midcontinent, and related A-Type granite plutons, constitute a Silicic Large Igneous Province (SLIP)?, M. E. (Pat) Bickford

April 2017: The Eastern rift branch of East Africa: an LIP-style continental rift exhibiting massive magma and volatile production, James D. Muirhead, Cynthia J. Ebinger, Simon A. Kattenhorn, Hyunwoo Lee, Tobias P. Fischer, Steven Roecker, Sara Jaye Oliva

March 2017: The Ongeluk LIP: a newly defined large igneous province on the critical Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic boundary on the Kaapvaal Craton, southern Africa, Ashley Gumsley

February 2017: Basalts and picrites from a plume-type ophiolite in the South Qilian Accretionary Belt, Qilian Orogen: Accretion of a Cambrian Oceanic Plateau?, Yuqi Zhang, Shuguang Song, Liming Yang, Li Su, Yaoling Niu, Mark B. Allen, Xin Xu

January 2017: 3.30 Ga High-Silica Intraplate Volcanic-Plutonic System of the Gavião Block, São Francisco Craton, Brazil: possible Silicic Large Igneous Province, Stefano A. Zincone, Elson P. Oliveira, Oscar Laurent, Hong Zhang, Mingguo Zhai

December 2016: Improving the geochronology of the North Atlantic Igneous Province, Lars E. Augland, Morgan T. Jones, Henrik H. Svensen, Sverre Planke

November 2016: Magnetic characterization of the High Arctic Large Igneous Province using pseudogravity analysis, Gordon N. Oakey, Richard W. Saltus

October 2016: Large Igneous Provinces: Global Listing in Spreadsheet Format (version: 30 October 2016), Richard E. Ernst

September 2016: Phanerozoic Large Igneous Provinces sample remnants of early differentiation events on Earth, Hanika Rizo

August 2016: The Cretaceous Wallaby Plateau Igneous Province: a small oceanic plateau or submerged continental flood basalt?, Hugo K.H. Olierook, Renaud E. Merle, Fred Jourdan

July 2016: Importance of geochemistry as a fingerprinting tool for LIPs: Example from Proterozoic mafic magmatism in the Belt-Purcell Basin and Wyoming province of western Laurentia, Chris Rogers, Richard Ernst, Brian Cousens, Ulf Söderlund, Steve S. Harlan, Alana Mackinder

June 2016: Lateral magma flow in mafic sill-complexes, Craig Magee, James D Muirhead, Alex Karvelas, Simon P Holford, Christopher A-L Jackson, Ian D. Bastow, Nick Schofield, Carl TE Stevenson, Charlotte McLean, William McCarthy, Olga Shtukert

May 2016: Large Igneous Provinces record of reconstructed southern Siberia and northern Laurentia from 1.9 to 0.7 Ga, Richard E Ernst

April 2016: Geochemistry of the Ediacaran (c. 570 Ma) Volyn flood basalt province, south-western East-European platform, Leonid Shumlyanskyy

March 2016: A Large Igneous Province on Mercury from MESSENGER Observations of the Northern Smooth Plains, Lillian R. Ostrach and James W. Head

February 2016: Magmas erupted during the main pulse of Siberian Traps volcanism were volatile-poor, Svetlana Sibik

January 2016: The Catoctin Formation: part of an Ediacaran LIP in southeastern Laurentia, C. M. Bailey and T. A. Johnson

December 2015: Evolution of a ~2.7 Ga large igneous province: insights from the Agnew Greenstone Belt and Kalgoorlie Terrane (Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia), P.C. Hayman

November 2015: Late Ordovician basalts of Sierra del Tigre, Argentine Precordillera, and the Hirnantian mass extinction, G. J. Retallack

October 2015: Lithospheric Controls on Volcanic Outcrop and Magma Composition along Earth’s Longest Continental  Hotspot-track, D. R. Davies, N. Rawlinson, G. Iaffaldano, and I. H. Campbell

September 2015: Mafic–ultramafic suites of the Irindina Province, Northern Territory, Australia: Implications for the Neoproterozoic to Devonian evolution of central Australia, Madeline L. Wallace, Simon M. Jowitt, Ahmad Saleem

August 2015: The Madagascar Large Igneous Province, Ciro Cucciniello, Leone Melluso, Vincenzo Morra

July 2015: How Trace Elements in Marine Pyrite can Track the Timing of Large Igneous Province Events, Ross Large

June 2015: Origin of hydrothermal deposits in the Emeishan large igneous province, Dan Zhu, Yingkui Xu, Zhilong Huang, Taiyi luo and Jiaxi Zhou

May 2015: Eruption environment of the Emeishan Large Igneous Provinces and re-evaluation on the mantle plume-induced crustal uplift, Bei Zhu, Ingrid Ukstins Peate

April 2015: Large Igneous Provinces: Updated Compilation, Richard E. Ernst

March 2015: The Yakutsk-Vilyui LIP of the Siberian Craton, Alexei V. Ivanov, Elena I. Demonterova, Vladimir E. Pavlov, Andrey V. Shatsillo, Boris B. Kochnev

February 2015: The Franklin Large Igneous Province and Initiation of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Glaciation, Francis A. Macdonald, Athena E. Eyster and Grant M. Cox

January 2015: A 1 : 5 million-scale  Global Large Igneous Provinces GIS Dataset for the LIPs Community, Richard. E. Ernst

December 2014: Magmatic pathways in Large Igneous Provinces: Initial thoughts on a research framework, Richard E. Ernst

November 2014: The Mount Rogers Formation: Bimodal volcanism related to Cryogenian rifting of the eastern Laurentian margin of Rodinia, Elizabeth McClellan and Esteban Gazel

October 2014: The CO2 sequestration potential of the ultramafic portions of Large Igneous Provinces, Siobhan A. Wilson and Simon M. Jowitt

September 2014: 1:2 000 000 map of Precambrian mafic magmatism in the North China Craton, Peng Peng

August 2014: Accreted Oceanic Plateaus in Japan, Yuji Ichiyama and Akira Ishiwatari

July 2014: Magma emplacement at Large Igneous Provinces, Nicolas Le Corvec

June 2014: The Carboniferous–Early Permian Tianshan–Tarim LIP of northwestern China, Linqi Xia, Xueyi Xu, Xiangmin Li, Zhongping Ma, Zuchun Xia

May 2014: The Scourie Dyke Swarm, Lewisian portion of the North Atlantic Craton: Elemental and isotopic insights into the origin of an unusual dyke swarm, Hannah S.R. Hughes and Joshua H.F.L. Davies

April 2014: Tectonic Issues for the Midcontinent Rift, Carol A. Stein, Seth Stein, Miguel Merino, G. Randy Keller

March 2014: Mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the Giles Event, Western Australia: Prospectivity for magmatic ore deposits, WD Maier, HM Howard, RH Smithies

February 2014: The 1501 ± 3 Ma Kuonamka LIP of northern Siberia, Richard E. Ernst, Michael A. Hamilton, Sandra L. Kamo, Alexander V. Okrugin, Roman Veselovskiy, Volodia Pavlov, Ulf Söderlund, Kevin Chamberlain

January 2014: Potential superplume-related Neoproterozoic (850-820 Ma) LIPs in Central-Western China, Xin Xu and Shuguang Song

December 2013: Magma supply and storage at Hawaiian volcanoes, Michael Poland

November 2013: Greater Exmouth LIP (NW Australia), Max Rohrman

October 2013: Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) and Metallogeny, Richard E. Ernst and Simon M. Jowitt

September 2013: A review of Kalkarindji - the oldest Phanerozoic flood basalt province, Peter Marshall, Mike Widdowson & Luke Faggetter

August 2013: Large Igneous Provinces Trigger Hothouse Climate, David L. Kidder, Thomas R. Worsley

July 2013: Global intracratonic boninitic-norite magmatism during the Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic – revisited, Rajesh K. Srivastava & Richard E. Ernst

June 2013: The Meso-Archaean Pongola Supergroup in South Africa and Swaziland – The oldest known large igneous province on stable continental crust? Allan Wilson, Axel Hofmann

May 2013: Revising the emplacement history of the Emeishan large igneous province with high-precision U-Pb geochronology of mafic and felsic intrusions, Steve Denyszyn, J. Gregory Shellnutt, Roland Mundil

April 2013: The links between large igneous provinces, and continental break-up: evidence reviewed from Antarctica, Bryan C Storey, Alan P M Vaughan and Teal R Riley

March 2013: 1330~1320 Ma Yanliao mafic sill province of the North China Craton, Shuan-Hong Zhang, Yue Zhao

February 2013: The CAMP Magma Source, John H. Puffer, Alan Benimoff

January 2013: Active rifting, magmatism and volcanism in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia, Charlotte Vye-Brown, Kay Smith, Tim Wright

December 2012: The ~2.44 Ga LIP in the Fennoscandian shield, Laura S. Lauri, Perttu Mikkola and Tuomo Karinen

November 2012: The 1.89-1.87 Ga Uatumã Silicic Large Igneous Province, northern South America, Evandro L. Klein, Marcelo E. Almeida, Lucia T. Rosa-Costa

October 2012: 2810 Ma Meeline Suite mafic-ultramafic intrusive complexes and Norie Group mafic-ultramafic group volcanism, Tim Ivanic, Martin Van Kranendonk, Michael Wingate, Chris Kirkland, Stephen Wyche

September 2012: Afro-Arabian Oligocene flood volcanic stratigraphy and extreme geochemical heterogeneity: Insights into evolution of voluminous silicic pyroclastic eruptions, Ingrid Ukstins Peate

August 2012: The East Yilgarn LIP: ore-forming plume volcanism in the late Archaean, Steve Barnes

July 2012: Geochemical Assessment of the Metallogenic Potential of Proterozoic LIPs of Canada, Simon M. Jowitt and Richard E. Ernst

June 2012: Thermal metamorphism of wall-rocks provides an explanation for the causal link between LIP emplacement and mass extinctions, Clément Ganino

May 2012: Deccan Volcanic Province (or Deccan Traps), home of Earth’s longest and largest lava flows?, Stephen Self

April 2012: Abor Volcanics, northeast India, Diane Chung & Jason R. Ali

March 2012: A Flood Lava Large Igneous Province on Mercury, James W. Head, and Lionel Wilson

February 2012: A geochemical comparison of the Benagerie Volcanic Suite and the Gawler Range Volcanics: a Mesoproterozoic silicic large igneous province, South Australia, Claire E. Wade, Anthony J. Reid, Michael T.D. Wingate, Elizabeth A.Jagodzinski and Karin Barovich

January 2012: The Southeast African Large Igneous Province: a model of its crustal growth and plate-kinematic dispersal, Karsten Gohl and Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben

December 2011: Rifting and silicic large igneous provinces of the Late Paleozoic – Early Mesozoic in the Central Asia, Yarmolyuk V.V., Kuzmin M.I.

November 2011: The Cambrian Wichita bimodal large igneous province in the Southern Oklahoma rift zone, Richard E. Hanson, Robert E. Puckett, Jr., David A. McCleery, Matthew E. Brueseke, Casey L. Bulen, Stanley A. Mertzman

October 2011: The Gawler Range Volcanics-Hiltaba Suite silicic large igneous province and the Cu-U-Au-Ag Olympic Dam deposit – New research developments, Andrea Agangi, Jocelyn McPhie, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Sharon Allen, Kathy Ehrig, Adam Bath, Isabelle Chambefort

September 2011: The osmium record of a Late Cretaceous LIP emplacement at the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary, Steven Turgeon, Rob Creaser, Daniele Tiraboschi and Elisabetta Erba

August 2011: The Siberian Large Igneous Province and the End-Permian Extinction: Coincidence and Causality, Linda T. Elkins-Tanton

July 2011: Lead isotopic record of Barremian-Aptian marine sediments from Pacific and Tethys: implications for large igneous provinces and the Aptian climatic crisis, Junichiro Kuroda, Masaharu Tanimizu, Rie S. Hori, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Nanako O. Ogawa, Maria L.G. Tejada, Millard F. Coffin, Rodolfo Coccioni, Elisabetta Erba, Naohiko Ohkouchi

June 2011: A Large Igneous Province in northeastern India: the Rajmahal-Bengal-Sylhet Traps as the head and the Ninetyeast Ridge as the tail of the Kerguelen Plume

May 2011: Large igneous provinces of the West African Craton: The record preserved in regional dyke swarms, Nasrrddine Youbi, Richard Ernst, Ulf Söderlund, Hervé Bertrand, Miguel Doblas, Hind El Hachimi, Djiky Kouyaté, Abderrahmane Soulaimani, Ahmid Hafid, Moha Ikenne, and Khalid Rkha Chaham

April 2011: Geochemistry of global ca. 1880 Ma LIP magmatism: is there evidence for a comagmatic origin and connections in supercontinent reconstructions?, Matthew Minifie, Richard Ernst, and Andrew Kerr

March 2011: Ocean Drilling at Shatsky Rise Gives Clues About Oceanic Plateau Formation, William W. Sager

February 2011: Artemis, the largest LIP on Venus—and perhaps in our Solar System, Vicki L Hansen

January 2011: Impact Basins and Mare Volcanism: The Orientale Basin as a Case Study on the Moon, Jennifer Whitten and James Head

December 2010: The Dubawnt Supergroup, Canada: a LIP with a LISP, Tony Peterson, Sally Pehrsson, Charlie Jefferson, Jeff Scott, Robert Rainbird

November 2010: Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) of Canada back to 2.5 Ga and Links with Supercontinent Breakup, Richard Ernst and Wouter Bleeker

October 2010: Australian LIPs and the Australian Precambrian ‘barcode’, Jon Claoué-Long and Dean Hoatson

September 2010: Large Igneous Provinces: Sites Of The Largest Volcanic Eruptions In Earth’s History, Scott Bryan, Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Stephen Self, David Peate, Dougal Jerram, Mike Mawby, Goonie Marsh, Jodie Miller

August 2010: The Willouran-Guibei Large Igneous Province (LIP): Dismembered During the Breakup of the Supercontinent Rodinia?, Xuan-Ce Wang, Zheng-Xiang Li, Xian-Hua Li

July 2010: The Avanavero Large Igneous Province: A Paleoproterozoic LIP In The Guiana Shield, Amazonian Craton, Nelson Joaquim Reis, Wilson Teixeira, Manoel Souza D’Agrella-Filho, Franklin Bispo-Santos

June 2010: The Importance of Mercury in Understanding Plutonism and Volcanism in Early Planetary History: Early Planetary Large Igneous Provinces?, James W. Head

May 2010: The 2.7 Ga Kambalda Sequence LIP, Western Australia: Mantle Source, Crustal Contamination, Crustal Recycling, Mantle Lithosphere, and Geodynamic Setting, Nuru Said, Robert Kerrich

April 2010: Short duration for the eruption of the Grande Ronde Basalt lavas of the Columbia River Basalts, USA, T.L. Barry, S. Self, S.P. Kelley, S. Reidel, P. Hooper, M. Widdowson

March 2010: Mafic dykes of Deccan age in the Chhattisgarh (Mesoproterozoic) Basin, Central India: implications for the origin and original spatial extent of the Deccan Large Igneous Province, N. V. Chalapathi Rao, B. Lehmann, R. Burgess, S. K. Pande and K. R. Hari

February 2010: Regional dyke swarms of the Reguibat Shield, Mauritania and Morocco: plumbing systems for Precambrian Large Igneous Provinces, Henry C. Halls

January 2010: How do your flood basalts grow? Understanding the facies architecture and rock properties of flood basalts, Dougal A. Jerram, Catherine E. Nelson, and Richard W. Hobbs

December 2009: Regional-scale 2.6-1.9 Ga Large Igneous Provinces of Zimbabwe, Ulf Söderlund, Axel Hofmann, Martin B. Klausen, Johan R. Olsson, Richard E. Ernst, Per-Olof Persson

November 2009: Proterozoic Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) of Siberia, Dmitry P. Gladkochub, Sergei A. Pisarevsky, Tatiana V. Donskaya, Richard E. Ernst, Michael T.D. Wingate, Ulf Söderlund, Anatoliy M. Mazukabzov, Eugene V. Sklyarov, Michael A. Hamilton, John A. Hanes

October 2009: Late-Variscan Polymetallic Ore Deposits in Central Europe and Their Relationship to Lamprophyric Intrusions, a Large Igneous Province (LIP) and a Mantle Plume, Thomas Seifert

September 2009: 2027-2023 Ma Lac de Gras-Booth River magmatic event in the Slave craton of North America, Kenneth L. Buchan, Anthony N. LeCheminant and Otto van Breemen

August 2009: Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) and Carbonatites, R.E. Ernst, K. Bell

July 2009: OIB-like, heterogeneous mantle sources of Permian basaltic magmatism in the western Tarim Basin, NW China: Implications for a possible Permian Large Igneous Province, Mei-Fu Zhou, Sheng-Hong Yang

June 2009: Snake River Plain Igneous Province (12 Ma through 0 Ma), John W. Shervais, Barry B. Hanan

May 2009: 860-750 Ma Large Igneous Provinces in South China: Record of Plume Events During the Breakup of the Supercontinent Rodinia, Zheng-Xiang Li, Xian-Hua Li, Xuan-Ce Wang, Wu-Xian Li, Qiang Wang

April 2009: 1770-1780 Ma North China Large Igneous Province, P. Peng

March 2009: The Lovejoy Basalt: A (fairly-) Large Igneous Province in Northern California, Rachel Teasdale

February 2009: A Mesoproterozoic silicic LIP in South Australia: the Gawler Range Volcanics and Hiltaba Suite, S. Allen, J. McPhie, C. Simpson, V. Kamenetsky, I. Chambefort, A. Agangi, A. Bath, A. Garner, N. Morrow

January 2009: Reconstructing Ancient Continents Using the Large Igneous Province Record: Implications For Mineral, Hydrocarbon, and Earth Systems, Richard E. Ernst, Wouter Bleeker, Michael A. Hamilton, Ulf Söderlund

December 2008: The Accreted Late Triassic Wrangellia Oceanic Plateau in Alaska, Yukon, and British Columbia, Andrew R. Greene, James S. Scoates, Dominique Weis

November 2008: Geology of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, Cathy Busby

October 2008: The Kunene anorthosite Complex, its satellite intrusions, and possible links to early Kibaran intrusions in Tanzania and Burundi, W.D. Maier

September 2008: The 1.27 Ga Mackenzie Large Igneous Province and Muskox layered intrusion, James M.D. Day

August 2008: The North Atlantic volcanic province (NAVP) and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), Henrik Svensen and Sverre Planke

July 2008: Early Cretaceous Comei Large Igneous Province: remnant identified in southeastern Tibet, Di-Cheng Zhu, Sun-Lin Chung, Xuan-Xue Mo, Zhi-Dan Zhao, Yao-Ling Niu, Biao Song

June 2008: Speculations on the Proterozoic Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record of India, Richard E. Ernst and Rajesh K. Srivastava

May 2008: Early Paleozoic Large Igneous Province of the Central Asia Mobile Belt, A.E. Izokh, G.V. Polyakov, R.A. Shelepaev, V.V. Vrublevskii, V.V. Egorova, Rudnev S.N., A.V. Lavrenchuk, E.V. Borodina, Т. Oyunchimeg

April 2008: Petrology, geochemistry and paleomagnetism of earliest magmatic rocks of Deccan Volcanic Province, Kutch, North Western India, Dalim K Paul, Arijit Ray, Brindaban Das, Shiva K Patil and Sanjib K Biswas

March 2008: Tracking the evolution of magmatic plumbing systems from temporal variations in crustal assimilation in the East Greenland flood basalt province. David W. Peate, Abigail K. Barker, Morten S. Riishuus, Rasmus Andreasen

February 2008: Reconnaissance Ar-Ar dating of Proterozoic dolerite dykes and sills in Siberia and the southern Urals: Identification of possible new Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs), R.E. Ernst, J. A. Hanes, V.N. Puchkov, A.V. Okrugin, D.A. Archibald

January 2008: The Chipman Dyke Swarm, Saskatchewan, Canada: Component of the 1.9 Ga Snowbird Large Igneous Province in the western Canadian Shield, Michael L. Williams and Rebecca M. Flowers

December 2007: The high Fe-Ti mafic magmatism in the Paleoproterozoic Broken Hill Block of the Curnamona Province, southeastern Australia, as part of a Large Igneous Province?, Massimo Raveggi, David Giles, John Foden, Mike Raetz

November 2007: The Midcontinent Rift in the Lake Superior Region: A 1.1 Ga Large Igneous Province, James D. Miller, Jr.

October 2007: Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) on Venus, Vicki L. Hansen

September 2007: The Agulhas Plateau – a Large Igneous Province in the SW Indian Ocean, Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, Karsten Gohl, Nicole Parsiegla

August 2007: Alkaline intraplate volcanism in eastern Australia, Franco Pirajno

July 2007: Paleomagnetism and Geochronology of the Malani Igneous Suite, Northwest India: Implications for the configuration of Rodinia and the assembly of Gondwana, Laura C. Gregory, Joseph G. Meert, Bernard Bingen, Manoj K. Pandit, Trond H. Torsvik

June 2007: The Manihiki Plateau: Implications for Early Cretaceous Large Igneous Province Formation in the Pacific, Stephanie Ingle, John J. Mahoney, Hiroshi Sato, Millard F. Coffin, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Naoto Hirano, Masao Nakanishi

May 2007: Geochemistry of Deccan Traps dikes: insights into the evolution of a flood basalt feeder system, Loÿc Vanderkluysen, John J. Mahoney, Peter R. Hooper, Hetu C. Sheth, Ranjini Ray

April 2007: The Kerguelen Large Igneous Province, Stephanie Ingle

March 2007: Did a major large igneous province (LIP) occupy a polar location in Early Proterozoic times? H.C. Halls, A. Kumar, R. Srinivasan, M.A. Hamilton

February 2007: 2480 Ma mafic magmatism in the northern Black Hills, South Dakota: a new link connecting the Wyoming and Superior cratons. Peter S. Dahl, Michael A. Hamilton, Joseph L. Wooden, Kenneth A. Foland, Robert Frei, James A. McCombs, and Daniel K. Holm

January 2007: Eastern Paraguay: Post-Paleozoic Magmatism. Comin-Chiaramonti P., Gomes C. B., Ernesto M., Marzoli A. and Riccomini C.

December 2006: Timing and nature of the the Early Cretaceous volcanism in northeast China, Fei Wang, Xin-hua Zhou, Lian-Chang Zhang, Ji-Feng Ying, Yu-Tao Zhang, Fu-yuan Wu, Ri-xiang Zhu

November 2006: Timescales of plume-lithosphere interactions in LIPs: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of alkaline igneous rocks from the Paraná-Etendeka large igneous province, S. A. Gibson

October 2006: The Kalkarindji Continental Flood Basalt Province: A new Large Igneous Province in Australia, Linda Glass

September 2006: The Nauru Basin, Kimihiro Mochizuki, Millard F. Coffin, Olav Eldholm, Asahiko Taira

August 2006: Hart-Carson LIP, Kimberley region, northern Western Australia, Ian M. Tyler, Steve Sheppard, Franco Pirajno, and Tim J. Griffin

July 2006: Magmatic and Volcanic Phases in Planetary Evolution as Global Large Igneous Provinces (GLIPS): The Hesperian Ridged Plains of Mars, James W. Head

June 2006: Permian large volume basalts in Tarim basin, Shufeng Yang, Zilong Li, Hanlin Chen, Chuanwan Dong, Xing Yu, Chengzao Jia, Guoqi Wei

May 2006: Ancient LIPS Reconstructed (2.50, 2.45, 2.22, And 2.10 Ga): The Utility Of Precise Magmatic “Barcodes” And “Piercing Points” In Matching Ancient Continental Fragments, Wouter Bleeker, Richard Ernst

April 2006: The High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP): Evidence for an Associated Giant Radiating Dyke Swarm. Kenneth L. Buchan, Richard E. Ernst

March 2006: Cretaceous-Paleogene basalts of the Tian Shan. Aleksander V. Mikolaichuk, Vladimir A Simonov

February 2006: Ontong Java - Manihiki - Hikurangi Were Originally One Plateau. Brian Taylor

January 2006: The Karoo Volcanic Province in Antarctica: Identifying Mantle Sources. Teal Riley

December 2005: Mafic volcaniclastic deposits in the Ferrar LIP, Antarctica. Pierre-Simon Ross and James D.L. White

November 2005: Nature of the mantle source of the Tianshan Carboniferous rift-relatedbasalts. Lin-Qi Xia, Zu-Chun Xia,Xue-Yi Xu, Xiang-Min Li, Zhong-Pin Ma, Li-She Wang 

October 2005: The Late Early Cambrian Kalkarindji Continental Flood Basalt Province: A Link To Mass Extinction. Lena Z. Evins

September 2005: The Early Paleoproterozoic (2.5-2.36 Ga) Baltic Large Igneous Province (BLIP): An Example of Siliceous High-Magnesian (Boninite-Like) Magmatism in a Within-Plate Setting. Evgenii V. Sharkov

August 2005: The Early Cretaceous Whitsunday Silicic Large Igneous Province of eastern Australia. Scott Bryan

July 2005: The Marnda Moorn LIP, a late Mesoproterozoic large igneous province in the Yilgarn craton, Western Australia. Michael TD Wingate, Robert T Pidgeon

June 2005: The Xiong’er Group: A 1.76 Ga Large Igneous Province in East-Central China? Franco Pirajno, Yanjing Chen

May 2005: The Bushveld Large Igneous Province. Judith A. Kinnaird.

April 2005: The Ontong Java Plateau. J. Godfrey Fitton, John J. Mahoney, Paul J. Wallace, and Andrew D. Saunders

March 2005: The Volynian Flood Basalt Province and coeval (Ediacaran) magmatism in Baltoscandia and Laurentia. Per-Gunnar Andreasson, Kenneth L. Buchan, Leonid V. Shumlyanskyy, andRichard E. Ernst

February 2005: Late Paleoproterozoic Large Igneous Provinces from central and southeastern Brazil. Alexandre de Oliveira Chaves, Jose Marques Correia Neves

January 2005: The Ethiopian Large Igneous Province. Nicholas Arndt, Martin A. Menzies

December 2004: The Fortescue Group, Western Australia; An Archaean (2.7 Ga) Large Igneous Province. Franco Pirajno

November 2004: Mantle dynamics and genesis of mafic magmatism in the intermontane Pacific Northwest. Victor E. Camp and Martin E. Ross

October 2004: The Emeishan large igneous province: Integrated geologic, geophysical and geochemical evidence for a fossil mantle plume. Yi-Gang Xu, Bin He and Sun-Lin Chung

September 2004: Large igneous provinces on Mars: Ascraeus Mons. H. Hiesinger and J.W. Head III

August 2004: Coeval large-scale magmatism in the Kalahari and Laurentian cratons during Rodinia assembly. Richard E. Hanson , James L. Crowley, Samuel A. Bowring, Jahandar Ramezani, Wulf A. Gose, Ian W. D. Dalziel, James A. Pancake, Emily K. Seidel, Thomas G. Blenkinsop, and Joshua Mukwakwami

July 2004: Remnants of an Archean Large Igneous Province: Evidence from the komatiite-bearing greenstone belts of the northern Rae domain, Nunavut, Canada. Trevor MacHattie, Larry Heaman, Robert Creaser, Tom Skulski, and Hamish Sandeman

June 2004: Caribbean-Colombian Oceanic Plateau. Andrew C. Kerr

May 2004: Ca. 1880 Ma Circum-Superior LIP. Richard E. Ernst

April 2004: Lunar mare basalt volcanism: Formation of Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) on a one-plate planet. James W. Head

March 2004: The Siberian large igneous province. Marc K. Reichow, Andrew D. Saunders, Alexei V. Ivanov, Victor N. Puchkov

February 2004: The Gunbarrel mafic magmatic event: A key 780 Ma time marker for Rodinia plate reconstructions. Stephen S. Harlan, Larry Heaman, Anthony N. LeCheminant, Wayne R. Premo

January 2004: The Warakurna large igneous province: A new Mesoproterozoic large igneous province in west-central Australia. Michael T.D. Wingate, Franco Pirajno, Paul A. Morris

: Paul Wignall, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT September 9, 2004

: Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/meetings/2010/ Includes the following sessions: T124: Proterozoic crustal evolution Convenors: Paul Mueller (mueller@geology.ufl.edu), Joe Wooden (jwooden@stanford.edu), Marion Bickford (mebickfo@syr.edu)

: (photos courtesy of Murray Surtees, Managing Director of Green River Geology Co. Pty. Ltd.)

: (This page is based on the paper Frontiers in Large Igneous Province Research, by R.E. Ernst, I.H. Campbell, and K.L. Buchan, recently published in Lithos Special Issue 79, edited by A. Kerr, R. England, and P. Wignall, p. 271-297). download pdf (800 Kb)

: Location: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/ne/2015mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: T4. Ages and origins of intrusive rocks in the New England Appalachians Convenors: Dyk Eusden (deusden@bates.edu), Dwight Bradley (dbradley@usgs.gov)

: Location: Champaign, Illinois, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/nc/2016mtg/index.htm Includes the following session: T31. Magmatic processes of the Midwestern Proterozoic: Mid-Continent Rift to St. Francois Mountains Convenor: Craig Lundstrom (lundstro@uiuc.edu)

: Location: Portland, Oregon, USA Web: http://iavcei2017.org/ Includes the following session: II.9. Continental large igneous provinces: understanding processes of magma formation, storage, evolution, and eruption

: Andrew C KerrSchool of Earth, Ocean and Planetary SciencesCardiff University September 3, 2004

: Location: Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic Web: http://www.goldschmidt2011.org/ Includes the following sessions: 04a: Chemical geodynamics: 25 years of mantle components

: Griffin gabbro (2111 Ma) ridge, in middle of photo, forming a sill in south-dipping Paleoproterozoic Hurwitz Group strata, Montgomery Lake, Nunavut, northern Canada. The Griffin gabbro sills may record a mantle plume related to the opening of the Manikewan Ocean, which separated the Superior and Churchill provinces before Trans-Hudson orogenic events. Photo by L.B. Aspler.

: Web: http://community.geosociety.org/gsa2014/home Includes the following sessions: T117. Magmas and their sources: a tribute to the distinguished career of Fred Frey Convenors: Michael Garcia (mogarcia@hawaii.edu), Michael Rhodes (jmrhodes@geo.umass.edu), Rosemary Hickey-Vargas (hickey@fiu.edu)


: Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada Web: http://www.kingstongacmac.ca/en/ Includes the following sessions: GS1: Magmatic and metallogenic processes associated with large igneous provinces

: Leader: Dr. Richard E. Ernst Scientist in Residence, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Carleton University 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6, CANADA and Ernst Geosciences,  43 Margrave Avenue Ottawa, ON, K1T 3Y2, CANADA

: A-B-C D-E-F G-H-I J-K-L M-N-O P-Q-R S-T-U V-W-X-Y-Z A-B-C

: Location: University of the Witwatersrand, Vredefort Dome, South Africa Web: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/lmi2008/ Convenors: R. Gibson (roger.gibson@wits.ac.za), U. Reimold

: Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA Web: http://www.agu.org/meetings/chapman/2012/dcall/index.php Convenors: Michael Poland (mpoland@usgs.gov), Paul Okubo (pokubo@usgs.gov), Ken Hon (kenhon@hawaii.edu)

: temporal distribution of LIPs (frequency, superplume events, links with climate change) spatial distribution of LIPS (spacing, link with uplift, link with rifting/breakup) interplanetary LIPs (Venus, Mars, and Mercury) origin of LIPs (plume and non-plume origins)

: Web: http://www.seg2015.org/ Includes the following theme: 3. Magmatic deposits: new examples; characteristics and mechanisms Co-ordinator: Stephen Barnes (steve.barnes@csiro.au)

: Web: http://2dgf.dk/foreningen/33rd-nordic-geological-winter-meeting/ Includes the following sessions: 1.1. Hotspots and intraplate magmas: mantle sources, magmatic processes and metasomatism Convenors: Nina Soager (ns@ign.ku.dk), Valentin Troll (valentin.troll@geo.uu.se), Abi Barker (abigail.barker@geo.uu.se)

: 164 Woodward event Location: Australia (Halls Creek-King Leopold mobile belts) Age: 2.0 Ga Rating: B (4sd) DIKES: Woodward (ca. 2000 Ma) Dow and Gemuts, 1969[469] (p.238 in Geological Survey of Western Australia, 1990[164]).

: Location: Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK Organisers: Andrew Kerr (kerra@cf.ac.uk), Jim Pindell, Alan Hastie (hastiear1@cf.ac.uk), Iain Neill (neilli@cf.ac.uk)

: Location: Gran Canaria Web: http://web2.ges.gla.ac.uk/VMSG/Gran_Canaria_2012.pdf Through the Inside of a Volcano! Leaders: Valentil Troll (valentin.troll@geo.uu.se), Abigail Barker (abigail.barker@geo.uu.se) Contact for registration and payment: Kate Dobson (vmsg.secretary@gmail.com)

: Location: Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/ne/2013mtg/index.htm Includes the following session: T18: Mesozoic igneous features of northeastern North America: magmatic origins and links to tectonic events  

: Location: Hotel Enotel Lido Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Web: http://www.iavcei.org/IAVCEI_meetings/MADEIRA/Workshop_Volcano_Geology/W... Organisers: Antonio Brum da Silveira (antonio.brum@fc.ul.pt), Joan Marti (joan.marti@ictja.csic.es), Susana Prada (susana@uma.pt) Scientific sessions include:


: Location: Attacal, County Down and Ballintoy, County Antrim in Northern Ireland, UK Web: http://www.dur.ac.uk/d.a.jerram/VMSG/meetings.html In the Footsteps of Giants: Irish Legends and Palaeogene Magmatism Contact: Carl Stevenson (c.t.stevenson@bham.ac.uk)

: Location: Jinjiang Hotel, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Web: http://www.geosociety.org/meetings/2013china/ Includes the following session: A-5: Deep Earth processes through geochemistry Convenors: Youxue Zhang (youxue@umich.edu), Yigang Xu (yigangxu@gig.ac.cn), Jianping Zheng (jpzheng@cug.edu.cn)

: Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://www.egu2014.eu/home.html Includes the following sessions: GMPV20 Granites - Archaean to present Convenors: Jean-Francois Moyen (jean.francois.moyen@univ-st-etienne.fr), Tracy Rushmer, Michael Brown (mbrown@umd.edu)

: Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/nc/2015mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: T1. Precambrian Geology of the Great Lakes Region Convenors: Samuel R. Castonguay (castonsr@uwec.edu), Esther K. Stewart (esther.stewart@uwex.edu)

: Location: Yokohama, Japan Web: http://goldschmidt.info/2016/index Includes the following sessions: 05d Large Igneous Provinces Through Time: Their Origin and Economic/Environmental Impacts

: Franco Pirajno Geological Survey of Western Australia September 9, 2004 Crustal uplifts, continental rifting, the emplacement of anorogenic magmas and large igneous provinces (some basalt-dominated, others dominated by silicic lavas; see Bryan et al., 2000) can be linked to a great variety of ore deposits, both orthomagmatic and hydrothermal (Pirajno, 2004).

: Location: Holiday Inn, International Falls, USA Web: http://lakesuperiorgeology.org/IF2010/index.html Chairs: Peter Hollings (pnhollin@lakeheadu.ca), Mark Smyk (mark.smyk@ontario.ca), Mark Jirsa (jirsa001@umn.edu), Terry Boerboom (boerb001@umn.edu)

: Sill of 723 Ma Franklin event (event 55 in LIP database) from Brock River Canyon, Brock Inlier, Northwest Territories, Canada. Photo by Rob Rainbird.

: Web: http://massextinction.princeton.edu/

: Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA Web: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/   Includes the following sessions:   DI13A: Linking the Earth's surface with the deep interior: comparing predictions and observations of mantle plumes  

: Location: Ontario, California, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/cord/2016mtg/index.htm Includes the following session: T6. Integrated volcanic systems: coupling and feedbacks between volcanic, sedimentary, geomorphic, climatic, and environmental processes Convenors: Benjamin Murphy (murphybe@onid.oregonstate.edu), Nicole More (mooreni@geo.oregonstate.edu)

: Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Web: https://www.geosociety.org/rm-mtg Includes the following session: T2. Proterozoic evolution of western North America Convenor: Brian Pratt (brian.pratt@usask.ca)

: Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2011/home.html Includes the following sessions: SSP1.7/GMPV56: LIPs: teleconnections between geological processes and mass extinctions


: Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Web: https://www.geosociety.org/ne-mtg Includes the following session: 27. Precambrian assembly of a continent from the northeast to the mid-continent to the southwest: modern approaches to study ancient crust Convenors: Benjamin Hallett (hallettb@uwosh.edu), Christopher Daniel (cdaniel@bucknell.edu)

: Includes the following sessions:EA36: Igneous processes and climate change over all of Earth history

: 278 Diamond Springs event Location: W. USA (Wind River Range, Wyoming Craton) Age: Archean Rating: C (possibly 7) VOLCANIC ROCKS: Diamond Springs Formation (includes meta-ultramafic rocks) Wilks and Harper, 1997[687].

: Location: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Web: http://www.goldschmidt2008.org/ Provisionally proposed themes include Early Earth, Continental Crustal Evolution, Mantle Dynamics, Mantle Geochemistry and Magmatic Processes. Conference-related fieldtrips include:

: Location: Selfoss, Iceland Web: http://www.agu.org/meetings/chapman/2012/bcall/ Convenors: Michael Rampino (mrr1@nyu.edu), Alan Robock (robock@envsci.rutgers.edu), Thorvaldur Thordarson (thor.thordarson@ed.ac.uk)

: Web: http://community.geosociety.org/gsa2016/home


: 48 Crimson Creek continental flood basalt(C) event Location: Australia (Tasmania) Age: Cambrian Rating: B (7) VOLCANIC ROCKS: Crimson Creek formation & correlated units Crawford and Berry, 1992[161].

: Location: Congress Centre, Davos, Switzerland Web: http://www.goldschmidt2009.org/index Includes the following sessions: Session 03b: Origin of Hotspots and Flood Basalts Convenors: Nick Arndt (nicholas.arndt@ujf-grenoble.fr), Cinzia Farnetarni

: Location: Durham University, Durham, UK Web: http://www.vmsg2012.org/

: Location: Cancun, Mexico Web: http://moa.agu.org/2013/ Includes the following session: GP08: Paleomagnetic studies for the reconstruction of tectonic processes Convenors: Francesca Cifelli (francesca.cifelli@uniroma3.it), Belen Oliva-Urcia (bolivia@unizar.es), Valerian Bachtadse (b8adse@gmail.com), Juan Jose Villalain (villa@ubu.es)

: Location: Bozeman, Montana, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/rm/2014mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: T3. Precambrian I: Archean and Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution of Western Laurentia Convenors: David Mogk (mogk@montana.edu), Paul Mueller (pamueller@ufl.edu)

: Location: Prague, Czech Republic Web: http://www.iugg2015prague.com/ Includes the following symposia: VS03 LIPs: vents and volatiles Convenor: Ingrid Ukstins Peate (ingrid-peate@uiowa.edu)

: LIP emplacement during Rodinia assembly identified through integrated high-precision geochronology and paleomagnetism Michael TD Wingate Tectonics Special Research Centre University of Western Australia September 15, 2004 Recent research provides evidence that LIPs were emplaced during assembly of the Rodinia supercontinent, in contrast to Phanerozoic LIPs, which are more commonly associated with continental breakup.

: Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, USA Web: http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm10/ Includes the following sessions: T05: Interaction between magmatic and tectonic processes in continental and incipient oceanic rifts

: Afar LIP Above: Granite sheets in Yemen Left: Ignimbrite overlying river gravels in Ethiopia Photos by Martin A. Menzies  

: Location: Vienna, Austria Web: http://www.egu2015.eu/ Includes the following sessions: GMPV3.1 Magmas from the mantle Convenor: Sally Gibson (sally@esc.cam.ac.uk)

: Location: Moscow, Idaho, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/rm/2016mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: 12. Geologic setting and hydrogeology of the Columbia River Basalt Group and the Snake River Plain Convenors: Attila Folnagy (afolnagy@mt.gov), Tom Wood (twood@uidaho.edu) Includes the following fieldtrips:

: Jun Korenaga Dept. of Geology and Geophysics Yale University September 29, 2004

: Location: Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India Web: http://idc6.igpetbhu.com/default.aspx Contact: Rajesh Srivastava (rajeshgeolbhu@gmail.com) General theme: Dyke swarms – keys for geodynamic interpretation

: Cliff-forming sills, related to the 1270 Ma Mackenzie igneous event, cutting strata of Athapuscow Basin, East Arm of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada. Photo by L.B. Aspler. see: Baragar WRA, R.E. Ernst, L. Hulbert, T. Peterson, Longitudinal petrochemical variation in the Mackenzie dyke swarm, northwestern Canadian Shield. J. Petrol. 37: 317-359, 1996.

: Web: http://www.geosociety.org/meetings/2012/ Includes the following sessions: T131. The relationship between silicic plutons and ignimbrites: exploring the contradictions Convenors: Craig Lundstrom (lundstro@illinois.edu), Drew Coleman (dcoleman@unc.edu)

: Web: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2014/ Includes the following sessions: The geochemical diversity of the mantle inferred from hotspots: five decades of debate Convenors: Matthew Jackson (jackson@geol.ucsb.edu), James Day (jmdday@ucsd.edu ), Jasper Konter (jkonter@hawaii.edu) Estimating the durations, rates and depths of magmatic processes

: Location: Dublin, Ireland Web: http://www.tcd.ie/Geology/vmsg2016/index.php Includes the following session: LIPs, rifting and element cycling in the mantle Chairs: Mike Widdowson (m.widdowson@hull.ac.uk), Sally Gibson (sally@esc.cam.ac.uk), Emma Tomlinson (tomlinse@tcd.ie)

: Location: Wawa, Ontario, Canada Web: http://www.lakesuperiorgeology.org/

: Richard Ernst

: A field meeting of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group Location: Ardnamurchan, Scotland Web: http://www.vmsg.org.uk/ Leaders: D. Brown (d.j.brown@sheffield.ac.uk), B. O’Driscoll

: Based on wide-ranging discussions with members of the LIPs community around the world, we have identified three themes that seem to resonate. Other themes can be developed as interest and potential coordinators arise.

: Web: http://ja.agu.org/2015/ Includes the following sessions: Canadian Cratons Through Time: 4.0 Ga of Chemical Evolution and Tectonism Convenor: Aleksandar Miskovic (amiskovic@eos.ubc.ca) Mafic-Ultramafic Magmatic Ore Deposits Convenor: Bernard Charlier (b.charlier@ulg.ac.be) Basaltic Magmatism in the Solar System: From Mantle to Magma in Space and Time

: Web: https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/lyell18 Convenors: Paul Wignall (p.b.wignall@leeds.ac.uk), David Bond (d.bond@hull.ac.uk) The study of mass extinctions is one of the most interdisciplinary research areas within Earth and environmental sciences. Recent, major advances have come from a broad spectrum of fields, including atmospheric modelling, high-precision age dating, volcanology, geochemistry, stratigraphy and palaeontology.

: 211 Rampur-Garhwal events Location: India (Himalayas) Plume head center: ~31 N, 79 E Bhat et al., 1998[565] Age: 2.5 Ga or 1.8 Ga Rating: B (4v)

: Location: Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India Web: http://www.prl.res.in/~djconf08/ Organisers: S.V.S. Murty (murty@prl.res.in), S.K. Singh (sunil@prl.res.in), J.S. Ray (jsray@prl.res.in)

: Location: Hotel Misión Juriquilla, Querétaro, Mexico Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/cord/2012mtg/ Includes the following sessions: T.10. The Caribbean Plate and its geologic connections with North and South America Convenors: Luigi Solari (solari@unam.mx), Uwe Martens (umartens@zoho.com)

: Location: Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg, Russia Web: http://conf.uran.ru/default.aspx?cid=12ips##3 Includes the following sessions: Magma dynamics, cumulates and ore genesis Convenors: Rais Latypov (rais.latypov@wits.ac.za), Steve Barnes (steve.barnes@csiro.au)

: Plumes or not? A hot debate

: Location: Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK Web: http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/conservation/conferences/vmsg/ Contact: Rebecca Dolling (rdolling@bournemouth.ac.uk) Includes the following sessions:

: Location: Isle of Skye and Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides, UK Web: http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/en/Events/The Great British Tertiary Volcanoes Exploring the Palaeogene centres of Skye and Rum.aspx?ec_trk=followlist&ec_trk_data=Events

: Location: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/nc/2014mtg/index.htm Includes the following theme sessions: Carbonatites and other alkalic rocks Convenors: Richard Kettler (rkettler1@unl.edu), Philip Verplanck (plv@usgs.gov), Benjamin Drenth (bdrenth@usgs.gov)

: Location: Casper, Wyoming, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/rm/2015mtg/index.htm Includes the following symposia: S1. Yellowstone/Teton/Snake River Plain Volcano-Tectonic System: Honoring 55 Years of Distinguished Research and the Legacy of Bob Smith Convenor: Jamie Farrell (jamie.farrell@utah.edu)

: Location: Beijing, China Web: http://idc7.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1 Conference committee contact: Richard Ernst (richard.ernst@ernstgeosciences.com), Peng Peng(pengpengwj@mail.iggcas.ac.cn) Likely topics:

: Don Schissel, Global Exploration Search Leader BHP Billiton 28 September 2004 There is a clear relationship between large igneous provinces (LIP’s) and the world’s nickel laterite and magmatic Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element ore deposits.  

: Location: Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, Russia Web: http://www.mantleplumes.org/Conferences/IrkutskSymp2010.pdf Organising committee chairmen: Evgeni Sklyarov (skl@gpg.crust.irk.ru), Sergei Rasskazov (rassk@crust.irk.ru) Contacts: Tat’yana Yasnygina (ty@crust.irk.ru), Sergei Rasskazov (rassk@crust.irk.ru)


: International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior http://www.iavcei.org/ International Dyke Conference 2005 http://idc5.gsf.fi U. of Leicester site. Note "Formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)" and "Relationship between plumes and continental rifting" http://www.le.ac.uk/gl/re/resprofs/magma.html


: Location: Vienna, Austria Web: http://www.egu2016.eu/ Includes the following session: SSP2.9/GMPV1.7 Mass extinctions, volcanism, impacts, and catastrophic environmental changes: observations and processes

: Location: Miass, Russia Web: http://magmas-and-metals.ru/ Organising chairs: Lia Kogarko (kogarko@geokhi.ru), Valery Vladimirovich Maslennikov, Valery Nikolaevich Udachin

: Location: Riverwoods Conference Center, Logan, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/rm/2011mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: 7: Petrologic and geodynamic perspectives on non-arc volcanism in the western United States Convenors: John Shervais (john.shervais@usu.edu), Tony Lowry (tony.lowry@usu.edu)

: Uplift associated with the Emeishan LIP download PDF file Linkage of Indian Ocean Tephra to individual silicic eruptions from the Afar LIP download PDF file Database of LIPs through time A preliminary version of a digital database of large mafic magmatic provinces through time. An enhanced version of this database is being prepared for release as an Open File.

: Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA Web: https://www.geosociety.org/sc-mtg Includes the following session: T1. Advances in understanding Precambrian to Cenozoic magmatic and metamorphic processes and their bearing on lithospheric evolution of Southern Laurentia

: Web: https://goldschmidt.info/2018/index Includes the following sessions: 04h Large Igneous Provinces, environmental change and mass extinctions: the deadly kiss of LIPs

: for full citations click here [1] Hooper, 1997 [2] Parsons et al., 1994 [3] Zoback et al., 1994 [4] Tolan et al., 1989 [5] Ernst and Buchan, 1997a [6] Johnston et al., 1996 [7] Menzies et al., 1997 [8] George et al., 1998 [9] Hofmann et al., 1997 [10] Mohr and Zanettin, 1988 [11] Baker et al., 1996 [12] Coleman, 1993 [13] Sebai et al., 1991b [14] Ebinger and Sleep, 1998 [15] Wilson and Patterson, this volume

: Location: Oslo, Norway Web: http://www.33igc.org/coco Includes the following sessions: Session MPI-04 Mafic dyke swarms: a global perspective Convenors: R. Srivastava (rajeshgeolbhu@gmail.com), W. Bleeker (wbleeker@nrcan.gc.ca), R. Ernst (richard.ernst@ernstgeosciences.com)

: Location: Palais des congrès, Montreal, Canada Web: http://www.vmgoldschmidt.org/2012/index.htm Includes the following sessions: 4b: The occurrence, genesis and evolution of alkaline magmas Convenors: Glenn Gaetani (ggaetani@whoi.edu), Philip Kyle (kyle@nmt.edu), Kenneth Sims (ksims7@uwyo.edu), Erin Writer (ephilli8@uwyo.edu)

: Location: Firenze Fiera Congress Centre, Florence, Italy Web: http://goldschmidt.info/2013/index Includes the following sessions: 01e: Causes of Phanerozoic mass extinctions: impacts vs. large igneous provinces vs. others? Convenors: Fred Jourdan (f.jourdan@curtin.edu.au), Andrea Marzoli (andrea.marzoli@unipd.it), Simonetta Cirilli (simocir@unipg.it)

: Web: https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2016/

: A more complete listing of conferences related to volcanism in general can be found at http://www.iavcei.org/ If you are organising a meeting which includes a session on LIPs or any aspect of large volume magmatism, please contact Matthew Minifie at minifiemj@gmail.com or Richard Ernst at Richard.Ernst@ErnstGeosciences.com) and we'll advertise it on the LIPs website.

: 82 Sette-Daban continental flood basalt(C) event Location: SE. Siberia (Sette Daban fold belt) Age: 1.0 Ga Rating: C (9s)

: Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia Web: http://www.geomorphology2009.com/ Includes the following sessions: Volcanic Geomorphology Convenors: Karoly Nemeth (k.nemeth@massey.ac.nz), Jean-Claude Thouret (j.c.thouret@opgc.univ-bpclermont.fr), Bernie Joyce (ebj@unimelb.edu.au)

: Location: University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway Web: http://www.arcticfrontiers.com/ Includes the following talks: Sverre Planke (planke@vbpr.no),  M. Trulsvik, S. Polteau, R. Myklebust, J.I. Faleide, F. Corfu and H. Svensen

: Location: Houghton, Michigan, USA Web: http://www.lakesuperiorgeology.org/Houghton2013/index.html Includes the following fieldtrips: Geologic overview of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan Leaders: Ted Bornhorst (tjb@mtu.edu), Bob Barron (rjbarron@mtu.edu) Date: 8th May

: Location: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Web: http://www.unb.ca/conferences/gacmac2014/index.html Includes the following sessions and symposia: SY4. Environmental and economic significance of gossans associated with mineralization in rifts and large igneous provinces

: Location: Prague, Czech Republic Web: http://goldschmidt.info/2015/index Includes the following sessions: 16e: Silicic Magmas: Connecting Plutonic and Volcanic Systems Convenors: Carol Frost (frost@uwyo.edu), Peter Bowden (pbowden74@gmail.com)

: Yigang Xu Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China September 1, 2004

: Location: Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada Web: http://11ips.laurentian.ca/Laurentian/Home/Departments/Earth+Sciences/NewsEvents/11IPS/11IPSHome.htm?Laurentian_Lang=en-CA Includes the following fieldtrips: PGE mineralisation in the Nipissing and East Bull Lake intrusive suites Date: 16th-19th June


: Nicholas Arndt (LGCA, Univ. Grenoble, Grenoble, France) Assessing Archean greenstone belts in a LIP context. write Firstname.Lastname_AT_ujf-grenoble.fr (substitute “Nicholas.Arndt@” for “Firstname.Lastname_AT_”) Millard F. Coffin (ORI, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan) Geophysics of LIPs; impact origin of LIPs. mcoffin@ori.u-tokyo.ac.jp


: Location: Torshavn, Faroe Islands Web: http://jrasmussen.jf.fo/index.html

: Location: Makuhari Messe, Japan Web: http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2016/index.htm Includes the following session: S-IT10 Do plumes exist? Convenors: Hidehisa Mashima (hisa.mashima@mbn.nifty.edu), Gillian Foulger (g.r.foulger@durham.ac.uk), Dapeng Zhao (zhao@aob.gp.tohoku.ac.jp)

: John Mahoney SOEST, University of Hawaii September 9, 2004

: Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2010/home.html Includes the following sessions: Session TS5.1/GD4.5/GMPV41: Continental rifting – mechanism of deformation, sedimentation, and magmatism

: Layered gabbro and gabbro-norite series in the Hinckley Range, which is part of the 1070 Ma Giles Complex of the Warakurna LIP (see January 2004 LIP of the month). The photograph looks towards the west, the layers dip to the north. Photo by Franco Pirajno

: Web: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2012/ Includes the following sessions: DI007: Mantle plumes: what do we really know? Convenors: Dominique Weis (dweis@eos.ubc.ca), Edward Garnero (garnero@asu.edu), Cinzia Farnetani (cinzia@ipgp.fr), Shichun Huang (huang17@fas.harvard.edu)

: Location: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA Web: http://community.geosociety.org/2013AnnualMeeting/Home   Includes the following sessions:   T238: New insights into Triassic-Jurassic transition events and end-Triassic mass extinction  

: Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/sc/2016mtg/index.htm Includes the following workshop: W2. Geologic studies of the 3.5-3.2 Ga Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa Leader: Gary Byerly (glbyer@lsu.edu)

: Location: Chiba, Japan Web: http://www.jpgu.org/meeting_e2017/ Includes the following session: S-IT21: Do plumes exist? Convenors: Hidehisa Mashima (hmashima@meiji.ac.jp), Gillian Foulger (g.r.foulger@durham.ac.uk), Dapeng Zhao (zhao@aob.gp.tohoko.ac.jp)

: Location: Queens’ College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK Web: http://www.vmsg2011.org/index Includes the following sessions: Volcanic margins Convenor: David Pyle (david.pyle@earth.ox.ac.uk)

: Location: Dali, Yunnan Province, China Web: http://www.conferencenet.org/conference/GONDWANA.htm Includes the following session: Roles of mantle plumes/superplumes in supercontinent evolution Convenors: Y. Xu (yigangxu@gig.ac.cn), K. Condie (kcondie@nmt.edu)

: Web: http://community.geosociety.org/gsa2015/home Includes the following sessions: T153. Mass Extinction Causality: Records of Anoxia, Acidification, and Global Warming during Earth's Greatest Crises Convenors: David Bond (d.bond@hull.ac.uk), Paul Wignall (p.b.wignall@leeds.ac.uk), Mike Widdowson (mike.widdowson@open.ac.uk)

: Web: https://www.egu2018.eu/ Includes the following sessions: IE2.6/SSP2.2/CL4.23/GMPV1.9 Past and future mass extinctions and environmental change: where do we stand?  

: 261 Sargur event Location: India (Western Dharwar Block) Size: 10,000 sq. km. Age: ca. 3.0 Ga Rating: B (7) VOLCANIC ROCKS: Greenstone belts: Sargur basalts & komatiites Rogers and Giral, 1997[644].

:   Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2008/ Includes the following sessions: Session GMPV27 Large Igneous Provinces and their impact on life and environment  Convenors: S. Self (stephen.self@open.ac.uk), A. Chenet (alchenet@ipgp.jussieu.fr)

: Location: Vienna, Austria Web: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012/ Includes the following sessions: GMPV2.1/GD2.7/SM4.2/TS1.4: Geochemical, petrological and physical discontinuities in the lithospheric mantle: supporting evidence and hypotheses for their origin

: Location: Kagoshima, Japan Web: http://www.iavcei2013.com/index.html Includes the following session: 1-2: Frontiers in large igneous provinces research: a tribute to the life and career of John Mahoney Convenors: Loyc Vanderkluysen (loyc@asu.edu), Marissa Tejada, Millard Coffin (m.coffin@noc.soton.ac.uk)

: Location: Yunan Convention Resort, Kunming, China Web: http://www.14iagod.org/en/index.asp Includes the following thematic sessions: Mineral deposits associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks Convenors: Chusi Li (cli@indiana.edu), Mei-Fu Zhou (mfzhou@hkucc.hku.hk), Zhaochong Zhang Keynote speakers: Franco Pirajno, Yan Wang

: LOM Archives: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004

: 1 Columbia River continental flood basalt(C) event Hooper, 1997[1] Parsons et al., 1994[2] Location: W. North America Plume head center: ~42 N, 117 W Size: 164,000 sq. km., 175,000 cu. km.

: Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2009/index.html Includes the following sessions: Session GMPV1: Complex Processes in Magmatic and Volcanic Systems: Experiment, Theory and Modelling Convenors: Paulo Papale (papale@dst.unipi.it), Ciro Del Negro, Donald Dingwell, Michael Manga


: Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Web: http://gacmacwinnipeg2013.ca/index.html Includes the following sessions: SS-8: Testing links among large igneous provinces, iron formations, and volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits

: Location: University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/sections/sc/2014mtg/ Includes the following symposia session: S3. Late Cretaceous tectonics, magmatism, and sedimentation of the South-Central region

: Location: Dryden, Ontario, Canada Web: http://lakesuperiorgeology.org/Dryden2015/index.html

: Location: Cape Town, South Africa Web: http://www.35igc.org/Themes Includes the following themes: Mineral Deposits and Ore Forming Processes

: Bryan C. Storey Gateway Antarctica University of Canterbury October 22, 2004 The initial breakup of the Gondwana supercontinent in Early Jurassic times was heralded by emplacement of three large igneous provinces that have distinctive geochemical characteristics:

: Location: Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan Web: http://www.agu.org/meetings/wp10/index.php Includes the following sessions: V04: Large Igneous Provinces: recent developments and ways forward Convenors: Gregory Shellnutt (jgshelln@earth.sinica.edu.tw), Kwan-Nang Pang (mailto:knpang@ntu.edu.tw)

: Columnar jointing at base of Junction Butte basalt (2.1 Ma), Yellowstone Plateau volcanic field. The flow overlies fluvial sands and gravels. Yellowstone National Park, USA. Photo by L.B. Aspler. See Christiansen, R.L., 2001. The Quaternary and Pliocene Yellowstone Plateau Volcanic Field of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 729-G, 145 p.

: Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/sc/2015mtg/ Includes the following sessions: T1. East African Rift, Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen, Rio Grande Rift, and other continental rifts: a tribute to the career of G. Randy Keller

: Location: Duluth, Minnesota, USA Web: http://lakesuperiorgeology.org/Duluth2016/index.html

: Location: Paris, France Web: https://goldschmidt.info/2017/ Includes the following sessions: 03e: Large igneous provinces in the Precambrian and Phanerozoic and their environmental impacts Convenors: Richard Ernst (richard.ernst@ernstgeosciences.com), Andrey Bekker (andrey.bekker@ucr.edu)

: The LIPs Commission was established to promote interest in large igneous provinces, encourage research, and foster global collaboration among earth scientists. It is one of several commissions under the umbrella of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI; http://www.iavcei.org/). The interests of LIPs Commission members range widely. The Commission links many geoscience disciplines and applies the broadest range of expertise to specific problems.

: Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia Web: http://www.iugg2011.com/ Includes the following sessions: Symposium J-S05/J-V04: The Davies mantle: reconciling geophysical and geochemical perspectives

: We would like to see this gallery become an atlas that illustrates LIP rocks from around the world, and we invite your contributions. If you have a representative, instructive, or scenic photo, please email us a .jpg (along with a figure caption and one or two references). All contributions will be fully acknowledged.

: Earth history is punctuated by short duration events (or dramatic pulses in longer duration events) during which large volumes of mainly mafic magmas were generated and emplaced by processes unrelated to “normal” sea-floor spreading and subduction. These Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are best preserved in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic where they occur as continental flood basalts, volcanic rifted margins, oceanic plateaus, and ocean basin flood basalts. Silicic rocks may also be associated.

: Location: Vienna, Austria Web: http://www.egu2017.eu/ Includes the following session: SSP2.4/GMPV1.5 Mass extinctions, volcanism, impacts, and catastrophic environmental changes: observations and processes

: Web: http://emsmd.ru/ Organising committee contact: alkaline.conference@gmail.com

: This database was originally intended to catalogue extensive mafic igneous events and to evaluate the possible relationship of these events to mantle plumes. We offer it here as a preliminary listing of LIPs, regardless of origin. Apart from a few minor corrections, the database is from Table 1 in R.E. Ernst and K.L. Buchan (2001), "Large mafic magmatic events through time and links to mantle plume-heads" (chapter 19 in "Mantle Plumes: Their Identification Through Time", Geological Society of America Special Paper 352, edited by R.E. Ernst and K.L. Buchan).

: Location: University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland Web: http://www.iavcei.org/IAVCEI.htm Includes the following sessions: Mantle plumes and plume-ridge interactions Convenors: B. Bransdóttir (bryndis@raunvis.hi.is), R. Trønnes (r.g.tronnes@nhm.uio.no)

: Location: Brisbane, Australia Web: http://www.34igc.org/ Includes the following sessions: 21.4. Magmatism in extensional environments (continental rifts and MORB) Convenors: Trevor Falloon (trevor.falloon@utas.edu.au), Yaoling Niu (yaoling.niu@durham.ac.uk)

: The LIPs Commission was formed in 1993, as the scale and importance of LIPs in Earth history was appreciated, and the need for an international multidisciplinary effort recognized. Led by Drs. Mike Coffin and John Mahoney between 1993 and1998, the study of LIPs expanded, particularly that of oceanic plateaus and ocean basin flood basalts. An important publication was: Mahoney & Coffin (eds.) Large Igneous Provinces: Continental, Oceanic and Planetary Flood Volcanism. AGU Geophys. Mon. 100, 1997.

: Web: https://vmsg2018.leeds.ac.uk/ Convenors: Jurgen Neuberg (j.neuberg@leeds.ac.uk), Vernon Manville (v.r.manville@leeds.ac.uk)

: 126 Kuonamka continental flood basalt(C) event Location: E. Russia (Anabar Shield) Size: 20,000 sq. km. Age: 1.50 Ga Rating: B (5)

: Location: Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia Web: http://lip-asia.igm.nsc.ru/index.php?lang=english Contact: Evgeniy Naumov (LIP-asia@igm.nsc.ru) The conference is focused on the following topics:

: Location: Hartford Marriott Downtown, Hartford, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/ne/2012mtg/ Includes the following symposia: The CAMP Province: Compositional variation, sources, and environmental effects

: Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: http://www.egu2013.eu/home.html Includes the following session: GMPV38: Scientific drilling and geological research in the Barberton Greenstone Belt

: Location: Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, California, USA Web: http://goldschmidt.info/2014/index Includes the following sessions: 02c: Compositions of the interiors of the terrestrial planets - causes and consequences Convenors: James Day (jmdday@ucsd.edu), Radjeep Dasgupta (radjeep.dasgupta@rice.edu)

: Scott Bryan School of Earth Sciences & Geography Kingston University August 2, 2006

: Location: Rafain Hotel and Convention Center, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil Web: http://www.agu.org/meetings/ja10/ Includes the following sessions: P05: Impact cratering on solid planets – shocks on basalts Convenors: David Baratoux (baratoux@dtp.obs-mip.fr), Masahiko Arakawa (arak@eps.nagoya-u.ac.jp), Alvaro Crosta (alvaro@ige.unicamp.br)

: PROJECT A Working Group for production of map of "Dolerite Dyke Swarms and Related Magmatic Units and Ore Deposits For Russia and Selected Adjacent Regions" For more information contact: Richard Ernst <Richard.Ernst@ErnstGeosciences.com> Victor Puchkov <puchkv@anrb.ru>


: Location: John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Web: http://www.vmsg.org.uk/vmsg-edinburgh/

: Location: Torshavn, Faroe Islands Web: http://jrasmussen.jf.fo/index.html

: Location: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Web: http://whitehorse2016.ca/ Includes the following session: Northwest Laurentia's neighbor in Proterozoic supercontinents: cratonic identifications and their geodynamic implications Convenors: Bruce Eglington (bruce.eglington@usask.ca), David Evans (david.evans@yale.edu), Zheng-Xiang Li (z.li@exchange.curtin.edu.au)

: Martin Menzies Royal Holloway, University of London September 15th 2004 When continental break-up and magmatic activity are associated both in time and space, a volcanic rifted margin is produced. >75% of the Atlantic Ocean margins are volcanic rifted margins associated with large igneous provinces/flood basalts (e.g. Greenland-UK, Parana-Etendeka). Other examples exist in the Red Sea-Gulf of Aden, west Australia, East Africa and the margins of the Indian sub-continent. Volcanic rifted margins comprise three main components.

: Location: BMO Centre, Calgary, Canada Web: http://www.geocanada2010.ca/ Includes the following sessions: Palaeoproterozoic tectonic assembly of the W. Canadian Shield: new findings and implications for palaeocontinental reconstruction

: Neoproterozoic mafic dike exposed along the east face of Mount Moran, Teton Range, Wyoming. Based on paleomagnetism and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology, the dike is considered to be part of the 780 Ma Gunbarrel mafic magmtic event (February 2004 LIP of the month). At the top of Mount Moran, the dike is nonconformably overlain by the Cambrian Flathead Sandstone. Photograph by Stephen S. Harlan

: Web: http://www.vmsg.org.uk/vmsg-bristol/VMSG%20Bristol%202013%3A%20Home.html

: Location: Hanoi, Vietnam Web: http://igsvn.ac.vn/lip2013/index.html   Themes of the symposium:   Large igneous provinces (LIPs) in Asia and adjacent regions Asian LIP geodynamics in relation to global tectonics LIP-related mineral resources and their economic implications   Co-chairs:   Tran Tuan Anh (lip-secretary2013@igsvn.ac.vn)

: Location: Albany, New York, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/ne/2016mtg/index.htm Includes the following symposium: S1. Applications of geochemistry and geochronology to understanding tectonic processes: in honor of Raymond A Coish

: Location: Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA Includes the following sessions: T6. Magmatic processes and sources for hotspot volcanoes Convenors: Michael Garcia (mogarcia@hawaii.edu), Jasper Konter (jkonter@hawaii.edu) Contributions that address the nature of the sources and the processes that create and modify magmas erupted at hotspot volcanoes are encouraged.

: Location: Chateau Bourbon Hotel, New Orleans, USA Web: http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/sc/2011mtg/index.htm Includes the following sessions: T1: Lithospheric evolution of southern Laurentia and the Gulf of Mexico Convenors: Elizabeth Anthony (eanthony@geo.utep.edu), Jay Pulliam (jay_pulliam@baylor.edu)


: Web: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2015/ Includes the following sessions: T050: The Parana-Etendeka Igneous Province and Related Magmatism: What Have we Learned so far? Convenors: Edgardo Canon-Tapia (ecanon@cicese.mx), Irene Raposo (irene@usp.br), Xixi Zhao (xzhao@tongji.edu.cn)


: Web: http://www.lakesuperiorgeology.org/

: 276 Coonterunah oceanic flood basalt(O) event Arndt et al., this volume[578] Location: NW. Australia (Pilbara craton) Age: 3.515 Ga Rating: B (7)

: Location: Busan, South Korea Web: http://www.asiaoceania.org/society/index.asp Includes the following session: Session SE59 Post-collision magmatism: plumes versus top-down plate tectonics?

: Location: Delta Hotel and Conference Centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada Web: http://stjohns2012.ca/ Includes the following sessions: Rift-related magmatism in the Circum-Atlantic margins and related mineralization Convenors: Jarda Dostal (jarda.dostal@stmarys.ca), Daniel Kontak (dkontak@laurentian.ca)

: Location: National Autonomous University of Mexico, Queretaro, Mexico Web: http://maar2014.geociencias.unam.mx/ Conference chairs: Gerrardo Carrasco-Nunez (gerardoc@geociencias.unam.mx), Jose Jorge Aranda-Gomez (jjag@geociencias.unam.mx) Sessions:

: 36 Siberian Traps continental flood basalt(C) event Sharma, 1997[127] Renne and Basu, 1991[128] Location: Russia (Siberian craton) Plume head center: 72.5 N, 96 E

: Location: Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada Web: http://www.jointassembly2009.ca/welcome_english.html Includes the following sessions: Session GA08: Frontiers in Precambrian Geodynamics


: Location: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia Web: http://www.rodinia-2013.ru/ Since the 1.0 Ga supercontinent Rodinia was recognized and mapped, it has become a milestone for understanding of Earth's evolution both in the Precambrian and in the Phanerozoic, and global-scale cyclic geodynamics.

: Location: Franklin Square Inn, Houghton, Michigan, USA Web: http://www.lakesuperiorgeology.org/Houghton2013/index.html Includes the following fieldtrips: Geologic overview of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan Leaders: Ted Bornhorst Date: 8th May

: Location: Trondheim, Norway Web: http://www.ngu.no/en-gb/Aktuelt/I-fokus2/7th-International-Conference-on... Includes the following general session topics: Arctic Large Igneous Provinces and their geodynamic significance