Geological Society of America (GSA) Rocky Mountain Section 69-th Annual Meeting

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Includes the following session:

T2. Proterozoic evolution of western North America

Convenor: Brian Pratt (

Geological Society of America (GSA) Cordilleran Section 113-th Annual Meeting

Location: Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA

Includes the following sessions:

T6. Magmatic processes and sources for hotspot volcanoes

Convenors: Michael Garcia (, Jasper Konter (

Contributions that address the nature of the sources and the processes that create and modify magmas erupted at hotspot volcanoes are encouraged.

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly

Location: Vienna, Austria


Includes the following session:

SSP2.4/GMPV1.5 Mass extinctions, volcanism, impacts, and catastrophic environmental changes: observations and processes

Geological Society of America (GSA) Northeastern (52-nd)/North-Central (51-st) Joint Section Meeting

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Includes the following session:

27. Precambrian assembly of a continent from the northeast to the mid-continent to the southwest: modern approaches to study ancient crust

Convenors: Benjamin Hallett (, Christopher Daniel (

Geological Society of America (GSA) South-Central Section 51-st Annual Meeting

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA


Includes the following session:

T1. Advances in understanding Precambrian to Cenozoic magmatic and metamorphic processes and their bearing on lithospheric evolution of Southern Laurentia


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