Geological Association of Canada-Mineralogical Association of Canada (GAC-MAC) Joint Annual Meeting

Start Date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017
End Date: 
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Includes the following sessions:

GS1: Magmatic and metallogenic processes associated with large igneous provinces

Convenors: Marie-Claude Williamson (, Christopher Lawley (, Danielle Giovenazzo (, Richard Ernst (, Sverre Planke (, Steven Bergman (

Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are characterized by the catastrophic emplacement of large volumes of mafic magma in the continental and oceanic domains. LIPs include continental flood basalts and associated feeder sills and dykes; volcanic rifted margins; oceanic plateaus and ocean basin flood basalts; submarine ridges; ocean islands; and seamount chains. We invite contributions that link magmatic processes to ore deposit genesis in LIPs, and that inform our understanding of tectonostratigraphic, structural, and geochemical controls on these processes. We also welcome contributions on the environmental impact of continental flood basalt magmatism through time. This session is sponsored by the Geological Association of Canada’s Volcanology and Igneous Petrology (VIP) Division and the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI).

T3: Archean cratons and their rifted margins: stratigraphic systems, tectonics, secular evolution and metallogeny

Convenors: Wouter Bleeker (, Mike Hamilton (

The Archean cratons of North America formed as part of larger late Archean continental landmasses (supercratons). Rifting and eventual breakup of these ancestral supercratons isolated the Archean cratons (cratons sensu stricto such as the Superior, Wyoming, Hearne or Slave), a subset of which later reassembled into supercontinent Nuna during the latter part of the Paleoproterozoic­ era—an evolution that represents a full Wilson Cycle. This session will focus on this entire early Wilson Cycle, across a time span (ca. 2.50-1.75 Ga) that saw dramatic secular evolution of the planet. Special emphasis is on the stratigraphic and magmatic systems of the rifted margins of cratons such as the Superior, the various tectonic processes (from early extension and rifting, to breakup and dispersal, to final collision), and the full range of associated mineral systems. In particular, we seek contributions presenting new data on the various margins of the Superior craton (i.e. “Circum-Superior” belts sensu lato), but contributions on the evolution of other well-studied Archean craton margins and on global syntheses are equally encouraged. This session is sponsored by the Precambrian division of the Geological Association of Canada and the Canadian Tectonics Group.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada