Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) Fieldtrip

Start Date: 
Monday, March 26, 2012
End Date: 
Monday, April 2, 2012

Location: Gran Canaria

Web: http://web2.ges.gla.ac.uk/VMSG/Gran_Canaria_2012.pdf

Through the Inside of a Volcano!

Leaders: Valentil Troll (valentin.troll@geo.uu.se), Abigail Barker (abigail.barker@geo.uu.se)

Contact for registration and payment: Kate Dobson (vmsg.secretary@gmail.com)

Other enquiries: grancanaria2012@gmail.com


Registration, deposit, payment:

Early booking is necessary to keep prices low, so express your interest as soon as possible! Final registra­tion and deposit of £ 100 by 31st October 2011, final payment by 31st December. Full refunds only possible if your place can be filled, minimum number of registrations needed to run the trip.

Important notes:

Fitness level required for up to full day hikes, up to 2000m changes in altitude per day and sudden change of weather; standard field equipment for hot desert and cold mountain climate, no hammer needed; flights to Gran Canaria must be individually arranged by participants. *Costs: Prices are calculated at the current exchange rate. If exchange rates have changed by the time of final payment, the final payment will be revised. Please contact Kate Dobson if you have any queries.


Day 1. Arrival/meeting at Las Palmas airport of Gran Canaria (LPA), transfer to accomodation place in Mas­palomas, S-Gran Canaria.

Day 2. Miocene Shield basalts and ignimbrite succession. Topics; lava flows, feeder dykes, glowing ava­lanche deposits (ignimbrites), explosive eruptions from zoned magma chambers.

Day 3. Fataga ignimbrite succession in Grand Canyon-type landscape: Eruption & transport.

Day 4. Caldera volcanoes and their structures. History of the Miocene Tejeda caldera, its infill, and its hy­drothermal system.

Day 5. Hike to Caldera periphery fault system. Small trail hike for ca. 2h in spectacular scenery. Inspection of major fault system and evaluation of the faulting history.

Day 6. Pliocene to recent volcanic activity: Roque Nublo volcano and Roque Nublo monolith, debris ava­lanche breccias, recent cinder cones and explosive maar volcanoes (phreatomagmatic eruptions).

Day 7. Inspection of recent landslide along scenic coastal strip in NW Gran Canaria. Destruction of ocean islands: Volcano-instability and giant lateral collapses.

Day 8. Morning: Inspection of Mineralogy of recent beach sands…. transfer to airport, departure.

Gran Canaria