Geological Society of America (GSA) Northeastern Section 47-th Annual Meeting

Start Date: 
Sunday, March 18, 2012
End Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Location: Hartford Marriott Downtown, Hartford, USA


Includes the following symposia:

The CAMP Province: Compositional variation, sources, and environmental effects

Convenors: Johan Varekamp (, Anthony Philpotts (, Paul Olsen (

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) stretches from eastern Canada through Florida, Brazil and Venezuela, to West Africa, Iberia, and France, with seaward-dipping reflectors offshore indicating even more voluminous buried basalt flows. Three major lava-flow formations have been mapped in New England: the Talcott, Holyoke, and Hampden basalts, each with their own feeder dike systems. The Holyoke Basalt is part of one of the largest basaltic lava flows in the world. What led to the large-scale melting and eruption of these massive lava flows over such an enormous area? What were the source regions in the mantle for these magmas? Has there been continental assimilation during transport and storage? What were the environmental effects of these massive lava volumes with their gas emissions, especially the effects of CO2 in regard to climate and Earth’s biota? Presentations are encouraged that address these global aspects as well as detailed studies on local flow emplacement and evolution.

Hartford, USA