2018 Large Igneous Province of the month

December 2018: The Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record of Russia Through Time: Preliminary Summary, R. E. Ernst, K. L. Buchan, D. P. Gladkochub, V. N. Puchkov, S. B. Botsyun, I. F. Gertner

November 2018: Ca. 650 Ma mafic-ultramafic dyke swarm in South China, Jun-Hong Zhao, Paul D. Asimow

October 2018: Columbia River Basalt Group, Jennifer Kasbohm & Blair Schoene

September 2018: Cretaceous (ca. 90 Ma) kimberlites in southern India and South Africa and their links with Madagascar Large Igneous Province vis-a-vis Marion Hotpot, N.V.Chalapathi Rao and Richard Ernst

August 2018: Basaltic magmatism in the 1800-1640 Ma Leichhardt and Calvert superbasins of northern Australia: a cautionary note on the use of large igneous provinces (LIPs) as temporal markers of continental breakup, Gibson, G.M., Champion, D.C., Withnall, I.W., Neumann, N.L. and Hutton, L.J.

July 2018: Lessons from Earth’s Large Igneous Province (LIP) Record for Modern Climate Change, Richard. E Ernst, Nasrrddine Youbi, Simon M. Jowitt, & Yulia Mishenina

June 2018: Timing and origin of magmatism in the Sverdrup Basin, Northern Canada—implications for lithospheric evolution in the High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP), David M. Dockman, D. Graham Pearson, Larry M. Heaman, Sally A. Gibson, & Chiranjeeb Sarkar

May 2018: Igneous rocks in the Great Basin, Battle Mountain area, north-central Nevada: Not Your Usual LIP, Brian L. Cousens, Christopher Henry, Christopher Stevens, Susan Varve, Stacey Wetmore, David John

April 2018: The Franklin Sills and Natkusiak Basalts of Victoria Island, Arctic Canada, Charles D. Beard, Ben Hayes, Nicole Williamson, Jean Bédard, Dominque Weis,James S. Scoates, Peter Nabelek

March 2018: How Large Igneous Provinces affect global climate, sometimes cause mass extinctions, and represent natural markers in the geological record, Richard E. Ernst, Nasrrddine Youbi

February 2018: The deep crustal structure of the c. 1080 Ma Warakurna LIP, and insights on Proterozoic LIP processes and mineralisation, Abdulrhman H. Alghamdi, Alan R. A. Aitken, Michael C. Dentith

January 2018: 300-270 Ma magmatism of Eastern Kazakhstan related to the Tarim LIP, Sergei Khromykh, Pavel Kotler, Alexander Vladimirov, Andrei Izokh, Nikolai Kruk