2017 Large Igneous Province of the month

December 2014: Magmatic pathways in Large Igneous Provinces: Initial thoughts on a research framework, Richard E. Ernst

November 2014: The Mount Rogers Formation: Bimodal volcanism related to Cryogenian rifting of the eastern Laurentian margin of Rodinia, Elizabeth McClellan and Esteban Gazel

October 2014: The CO2 sequestration potential of the ultramafic portions of Large Igneous Provinces, Siobhan A. Wilson and Simon M. Jowitt

September 2014: 1:2 000 000 map of Precambrian mafic magmatism in the North China Craton, Peng Peng

August 2014: Accreted Oceanic Plateaus in Japan, Yuji Ichiyama and Akira Ishiwatari

July 2014: Magma emplacement at Large Igneous Provinces, Nicolas Le Corvec

June 2014: The Carboniferous–Early Permian Tianshan–Tarim LIP of northwestern China, Linqi Xia, Xueyi Xu, Xiangmin Li, Zhongping Ma, Zuchun Xia

May 2014: The Scourie Dyke Swarm, Lewisian portion of the North Atlantic Craton: Elemental and isotopic insights into the origin of an unusual dyke swarm, Hannah S.R. Hughes and Joshua H.F.L. Davies

April 2014: Tectonic Issues for the Midcontinent Rift, Carol A. Stein, Seth Stein, Miguel Merino, G. Randy Keller

March 2014: Mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the Giles Event, Western Australia: Prospectivity for magmatic ore deposits, WD Maier, HM Howard, RH Smithies

February 2014: The 1501 ± 3 Ma Kuonamka LIP of northern Siberia, Richard E. Ernst, Michael A. Hamilton, Sandra L. Kamo, Alexander V. Okrugin, Roman Veselovskiy, Volodia Pavlov, Ulf Söderlund, Kevin Chamberlain

January 2014: Potential superplume-related Neoproterozoic (850-820 Ma) LIPs in Central-Western China, Xin Xu and Shuguang Song